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The Most Important Relationship You Have on earth is the relationship with your spouse!!


Men Vs. Women: The Dynamics of Marriage!

** How Men and Women Each Form Relationships **

** Husbands and Wives Determine Who controls What **

** What Drives Him Compared to What Drives Her **

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Marriage is hard work.  When we work hard, and the results are good, it generally brings some happiness.  When it comes to our marriages, it would be amazing to find both present moment happiness and joy about the future. At CMG4Life, we do not see marriage as a contract, an agreement, an arrangement, a ceremony, or a partnership. Marriage is a committed covenant that cannot be broken. It doesn't always come easy, but it certainly can be joyous. There is a lot fo good information on our site we feel would be a real help to those who want to see their marriage blessed and made better.

We have put together two small books that we feel will be a blessing. The first is called "Great Marriages Are Made" it is chock full of helpful thoughts to take any marriage to a greater level of closeness. The second is called "Mending The Marriage." For those who feel their marriage could use a little TLC and a nudge to get back on the right track, this is the book for you! You can click on either of the book covers below for more information!

Making Marriage GreatMending the Marriage


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